Your Medicare Advisors are excellent ambassadors for your Association, very nice and helpful. Read More

Cathy helped me find a new plan that not only saved me money but upgraded from my former plan. I’m so grateful for her help. Also, the process was quick and easy, and I feel I’m armed with more knowledge and understanding of my Medicare Supplement. She also helped me find a plan for dental, vision, and hearing. Thanks for being a much-needed and appreciated resource. Read More

Your Medicare Advisor was so helpful. It was so confusing trying to find the right insurance plan to meet our needs. Ben answered all our questions and explained everything. We can’t say enough about his knowledge. Read More

Ginny was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She answered all my questions and never tried to push or pressure me to select one plan over another. I would enjoy working with her in the future. Read More

I wasn’t sure about which direction I should go on choosing a plan. The person that helped me was very helpful. I do recommend that ALL seniors looking for a Medicare Supplement plan talk to the Association's Medicare Advisor before making your decision. Read More

Bob was very helpful in finding the coverage that I hope will best fit my needs. He was very informative, and I felt so much relief after talking to him. Choosing a Medicare supplement is a very daunting process and I have been trying to find the right thing to do. So, thank you, Bob, for being there to help me, I feel that I can sleep at night. I will refer you to others that may have my same concerns. Read More

Everything was explained in a clear and precise manner, enabling me to make the correct choices. Thank you very much. Read More

Elizabeth was very informative and helped me decide on which supplement plan was best for me. The other Medicare Advisors were also very helpful when it came to plans for dental, vision, and hearing and which drug plan was best for me. Thank you. Read More

I have to say that my experience with Rodney has been so positive. Everyone has been so open and kind. I recommend that everyone take the time to check them out. It's truly worth your time and effort. Read More

I was able to compare the premium rates from all the carriers in my area instantly online. I was surprised that it was as fast and as easy as my friend told me it was. I was able to make the decision on my own without being pushed into a company or plan. I highly recommend you talk to Ginny or one of the Certified Medicare Advisors. Read More